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Roaming charges with cellular data off and roaming off

I've been here awhile

I’m so disheartened with the charges I received today. I did my research before heading out overseas for 5 weeks. The best option for me was to buy a hotspot from the country I was in, allowing multiple devices to have wifi at all times. I don’t understand why I was charged roaming fee of $15 for about 8 days. If I received a call I should have been charged the call, or if I received a text or sent a text in green charge me for that text. $15 a day…a total of $150 for a handful of days they charged me for is ridiculous. I had Wifi 90% of the time. I didn’t agree to roam from home!!!!! Please explain, I’m thinking taking this to the media is the best option at this point. I’m not happy!



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Re: Roaming charges with cellular data off and roaming off

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@Matt747474 : Turning off roaming is not enough due to other configurations/applications in your phone. See the following link for ways to eliminate or reduce roaming charges:

Re: Roaming charges with cellular data off and roaming off

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This is just another way that Canadian cellular companies are gouging their customers. I’m currently on the phone waiting to talk to another representative about improper Roam Like Home charges. 
I was away for a week in Mexico and turned off both my cellular data and roaming on my phone. While away I made sure to only make calls via Wifi calling but lo and behold when my bill came I was charged the $15/ day anyways. The breakdown on my bill even showed that the few calls I made were only WIC or WOC (wifi incoming/ outgoing calls) but I was told by the first rep that if the wifi ever cuts or is unstable it automatically activates the network…..EVEN WITH DATA/ CELL ROAMING still off!! This is ridiculous! If a call made while at home ever lost service it drops automatically (something I’ve become more and more familiar with as a Rogers customer). If I’ve taken steps to “turn-off” data/ cellular access that should not be overridden by cellular companies who can profit off those situations. I was then told that this is a phone setting that I would need to adjust myself- it’s not Rogers’ choice to do that……under “cellular” in iPhone settings there is a “Wifi Assist” option. If you have that switched ON that can cause the network shifting between Wifi/ Cellular….BUT AGAIN I already had that turned off so their excuse # 53729263434252729 also doesn’t make sense. 

Just to top it off, I was also told that any call made that activates my voicemail would initiate Roam Like Home charges. I guess Rogers now has an incentive to share our contact info with the scammers who bombard our phones with phishing calls everyday! 

If Rogers is going to have all these loophole situations that override things whether or not their customers have turned those features OFF then they should be responsible for providing ALL that info UP FRONT & in detail whenever someone enters a US/ International zone. It’s not bad enough that we pay the highest rates for cell service, they have to gouge us wherever else they can too. 

Update…In the end, after asking to speak with a manager (2nd rep), they agreed to make a one time exception to reverse the charges. So make sure to ask to speak with someone else if you’ve taken all the steps to avoid Roam Like Home but are still getting charged- they should not get away with more gouging!

Re: Roaming charges with cellular data off and roaming off

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Turning off data and roaming isn't enough. You must put and keep your device in Airplane Mode and then enable WiFi to prevent roaming charges. As soon as your device pings a tower in a foreign country, you will be charged for roaming so do this before arriving in a foreign country.

Re: Roaming charges with cellular data off and roaming off

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Resident Expert

@SPat : Did you check out the link in the post above yours?  I include it again below. You need to follow the directions to avoid roaming charges or minimize them:


People often don't do their homework or don't heed the warnings you receive as soon as you enter another country.



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