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Roaming charges different than on Rogers site or informed by representative

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Prior to arriving in Costa Rica, I checked the website and spoke with a Rogers representative to confirm the $9.99 /day for 10MB i would be charged because I had a full schedule and would not have time to find alternative phone options for a few days.  On landing in Costa Rica at night, I received a Rogers text informing me it would be $4.99/day for 1MB! I could find no mention of this on the website and quickly incurred $100 in roaming charges. I tried to dispute this with Rogers but they did not acknowledge the false information and said they would not provide any credits. I 'shared a concern' on the site but its been weeks and have no response. I now have received my invoice and have tried again but Rogers is busy.


Can someone tell me what other recourse I can take? I plan to contact the CRTC for this 'bait and switch' tactic and perhaps go to social media. 



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Re: Roaming charges different than on Rogers site or informed by representative

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

1. Do you have a screenshot of the offer?

2. Do you have the date/time of that conversation with the rep?

3. When logged in to the forum, you could try to "send a message" by clicking @CommunityHelps and send a message as indicated on the right side of the screen that comes up after clicking. If you don't see "send a message" if you're on a phone or tablet, use the desktop version of the browser on those devices.

4. I have always found the moderators on @CommunityHelps to be most helpful and whenever I've "shared a concern" I got a response in a couple of business days.

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