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I've Been Around
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All I want is limited data 1 to 3 gigs.

500 minutes

500 texts

Does such a plane exist? I find the site very cumbersome and I am old 77...thank you


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Resident Expert
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Re: Plans

Most of the newer plans are geared towards a lot of newer users, who generally are wanting more and more data.
But understandably, there are users who still do not need a lot.

I know prior to these new plans out, there were some more basic 1-4 gig plans available.

You might want to give them a call, see if there are some still available to be added, which are just not shown on the webpage.

I went and took a look at the pay as you go section to see if there were any cheaper options there.. but your up to $65 for 1g.. at that point might as well pay the extra $10 to get the newer 10g plan.