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No Service

I've been here awhile

I feel like I’ve been very patient but it’s now day 14 no service. Billing all paid the whole time. Waiting for back end to close all my tickets before they say it will work and apparently every time I call they open a new ticket but they won’t give me a number to call of someone that can close the tickets and get my service working. I don’t know what else to do as I have been working off of cell data for 2 weeks now to work and I can’t do it anymore. Everyone I’ve talked to says they will call me back but then another day goes by and no one has called. I don’t want to go to another service but I’m starting to feel like Rogers wants me to. So disappointed 😞 


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Re: No Service

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Oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you for posting this here. This is incredibly unacceptable and we'll be happy to look into what's going on and get some answers for you. Please reach out to us via PM at your convenience @CommunityHelps. For more information on our PM system click here.




Re: No Service day 20 I’m exhausted why can’t you fix it

Still no service very disappointed every 2 days they say I have to wait 24-48 hours back end office gets the ticket and they close the ticket without fixing. A tech swapped my modem and the wrong modem is still showing on my account. I need them to delete the wrong modem so there is only one modem on the account. Please help meeeeeeeee 20 days just getting brushed off with promises that are not kept. This does not pay my data bill that is piling up I have to work help me please

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