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I've been around

I went through a half hour sign up yesterday with all my bank info so I would not have to fuss about that every month. Today I got an email saying there would be a statement coming every month so I can click on PAY

Why can't this company keep track of its interactions with a customer?

In that email today there was online help listed at seral sources, facebook which I don't do,

and others. Every single one of them said ERROR or does not exist

Not a great recommendation for a communication company.

Do I have to go to a store every time this stuff happens?

Thank you if there is anyone left to rea there...Toni


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Re: Help or support


Greetings @tonigraeme!


A warm welcome to the Community and thank you for your post! 😊 Setting up Pre-Authorized payment is indeed super convenient however, I am saddened to hear about your experience throughout the process. The email sounds like it was to confirm your new payment method and to verify your enrollment. I just have a few questions for you in order to get down to the bottom of this:


What channel did you use to get yourself set up on Pre-Authorized Payment?


Are you able to send us a screenshot of said email while ensuring you omit any of your account/personal related details?


If connecting with us via Facebook is not your preferred method of contact, not to worry! We actually have a plethora of platforms you can utilize to stay in touch. You can connect with us via any of the methods listed here.





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