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Feedback About Switching to Ignite Internet

I've been around

I was offered Ignite upgraded for my internet, with a Promise of stable internet.  I got the router, and it was not working. I patiently worked with Ignite support for 10 days. They tried various things and finally a technician was requested to visit the home. I understand all this as I am a tech guy (DBA) too. During all these days, I have only asked for only 1 thing i.e., while you are working to set up the Ignite, please make sure that existing internet keeps on working, do not disconnect it as I work from home and my job depends on internet. I got confirmation that existing internet will keep on working until ignite starts working.


Suddenly Rogers disconnected my existing internet without fixing the Ignite. Now I am without internet on a critical day of my job where so much work was dependent on me. I work for respectable Government department and my job has impact on various people of this Province. Wondering if Rogers realizes this. I have reach out to so many other people in my teams to delegate my work as I don’t have internet. Its chain reaction that you kicked (Despite all the reminders).


When I called Rogers, I was bounced between various departments, waits and call backs and finally reached a guy (I don’t want to name and shame him) who said this is OK as Ignite will anyhow work tomorrow as some technician is coming.


Bottom line is, Rogers fails to connect with heart of customers. Despite me being so patient and understanding, the Ignite Support took me to a point where I have gotten frustrated that Why I chose rogers.  If you can not respect the needs for your customers, connects with their heart, how would you connect the devices?


I really wanted someone to acknowledge that they should not have disconnected my exiting internet without starting the new one.


Finally, I met an angel, Monika, who understood the Impact of no internet on my job and did everything possible to reactivate my old account.


For Rest of the Rogers team … you don’t deserve to be in this business!

Below are some things you might want to work on:

  • Understand the impact you job
  • Understand the need of your customer
  • Try to connect with your customer
  • Be Professional. I don’t know who disconnected my internet without reding all notes that someone patiently working with Rogers Ignite team for so may day and have made sure remind so many times that “Do not disconnect existing internet without starting the new one” – Common sense.
  • Please improve your support services.

If you have the will and courage to digests this feedback, you can easily find the call logs using my email id. But I really don’t have much hope though!


Your Soon to be former customer





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Re: Feedback About Switching to Ignite Internet


Good evening @JP46,


Welcome to the Community!


I can imagine how inconvenient the recent experience has been for you. Typically the older service isn't disconnected until the new service has been set up. I am glad to hear that Monika was able to address your immediate concerns.


I appreciate your candid remarks and will make sure it's forwarded to the appropriate teams. We wouldn't want to lose you as a Rogers customer, so please reach out to us via the Rogers Community Forums if you require any account or tech assistance in the future.



Best regards,


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