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Different accounts have different prices for the same device

I've been around

my wife got a great deal on a Samsung A20Fe yesterday on her account, what amounts to $15/month for 24 months...I am due for an upgrade and I thought I would get the same phone on my account...HOWEVER....the pricing is not the same...for me they want $25/month for 24 months...that’s quite a significant would think you could buy the SAME device from the SAME company for the SAME price within a day of each other. This is not the case, I have spoken to 8 different people who have not been able to answer the question WHY is the pricing different, they keep telling me it is computer driven and cannot be changed...seems quite discriminating to me. I am now waiting 2-3 days to hear from a high level president. all I want to do is give them an amount of money, they will accept from a different customer for a product.

anybody else had this issue? 


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Re: Different accounts have different prices for the same device

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

if its a Promotion then yes some promotions are targeted to specific individuals, are you both on the same plan same account number or separate accounts?  

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