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Spike in Data Usage

I've been here awhile

I am not sure what happened , or what I have done? Been a Rogers customer for 15 years or more. Presently I am driving and making deliveries in my own vehicle, and enjoy streaming My Amazon Prime Music while I work, but I have been running out of Data before the billing period ends? I drive an 8 hour route. I began only streaming before and after the driving portion of my route, but same thing out of data before month end??? I previously owned a 12 hour route and was able to stream All Day long with NO issues or running out of data in the billing month??

What happened and what should I do? ? ? ?




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Re: Spike in Data Usage

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

you should check the settings of your phone, if its an android, you can check to see which apps are consuming the most data.  sometimes it could be an app that is downloading something offline or a software update or what not. those things use up data too even when your not touching the apps. but theres a setting to see which ones are using the most you can also set a billing cycle start and end date to match yours and check once a month to see which apps are sucking all your data

Re: Spike in Data Usage

I plan to stick around

Check the settings for the Amazon Prime Music app, I believe they changed the quality of streaming recently, you can change this to the previous lower bandwidth option in the settings menu. If the device is older and no longer getting OS updates it may also be that your phone has become infected with a type of malware and that may be chewing your data up. If you can wipe your device and start fresh to clear any possible issues.

Re: Spike in Data Usage

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Sounds like the sound quality level has been increased, resulting in more data.  

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