Contact Info for Rogers Management Team

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Contact Info for Rogers Management Team

I’m trying to reach the management team, They had a direct Number (1-855-847-6955) That was good before COVID, Now the number tells me to call the (1-888 rogers1)number, So when I contact Customer service to ask for the management team number they pretty much told me there is no such thing, and this team never existed, We argued a bit back and forth, Cause I laughed that the rep really thought I was crazy. So his last option was to transfer me to a supervisor, But it was few hour wait, So the call ended.. Now my Question is, Is there still a management team? And How do we get a hold of them?  Is there a number or email to have them contact me…. Thanks.  




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Re: Contact Info for Rogers Management Team

Hello @DodgersCustomer,


A warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thanks for posting your concern! 🙂


It is true that in order to reach our Management Team, you would initially need to go through one of our regular customer care channels (phone call/Live Chat online). Once you receive a live agent, you may then request to speak to a manager at which point they will either set-up a callback or try to transfer you over if the wait times aren't too crazy.


As far as I'm aware, we do not have a direct line to our Management Team. May I ask, where did you get the above mentioned phone number from? Nothing is coming up at my end when I do a search in our database. It is possible that the number once existed and has since been discontinued, but it's hard to say for sure.  Could it have been a different department that you were speaking to? 


Kind regards,