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Calling the Fraud Management Team

I've been here awhile



My Fido account was suspended for no apparent reason and I called customer service to get it sorted out. After being transferred across several departments because no one had ANY idea what was going, I was given the number for the Fraud Management team and told to call them. So I called Fraud Management multiple times today and left a voicemail but NO ONE answered or got back to me. How can I please get urgent support for this? This is getting ridiculous and I am extremely frustrated. 


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Re: Calling the Fraud Management Team

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It can take the fraud team time to investigate the issue before getting back to you. Customer Care should be able to remove the suspension on the account depending on what it is being suspended for. Sometimes when potential fraud is being investigated, an account can be locked until the investigation is complete or until the team has time to look at everything.

Re: Calling the Fraud Management Team

I've been here awhile

@LordDrakkon Thank you for your reply. I did call Customer Service but they seemed to have no idea what was going on and couldn't even get to the part of removing the suspension. However your explanation about the Fraud team needing time to investigate makes sense, and I'll give it a couple of days before following up. 


Thanks again for your reply - it feels nice to be responded to and seen.

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