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Billing and Hold Times

I've been around

So...been on hold for 2 hours and haven't yet spoke to anyone, let alone a human. Signed on to Rogers six months ago. Have already had 2 outages of complete service, for a total of 5 days with NO service. Both required technician visits and complete replacement of wires from the pole. Absolutely No offer of a credit of any kind for the inconvenience. Signed on to Rogers with a guarantee that rates wouldn't change for a period of three years. Have already had 2 increases in six months. Trying to speak with someone about that but seems like a lost cause if nobody will answer. I suspect that's the point...they simply don't answer so you'll eventually give up. The absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced and I used to be with Bell, so that's saying something. At least the Bell products I had actually worked most of the time. Perhaps another CBC Investigates is in the offing here. Seems about the only way to get anyone's attention.




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Re: Billing and Hold Times


Hello @Fedup24,


It's really disappointing to hear about your recent experience with the service. I know the wait times can be quite high so I always recommend our customers to send us a message through Facebook Messenger, X, or Instagram. Even if all the reps are busy, you can still send us a message and feel free to go about your day until one is available.






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