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Shaw to Rogers migration - Rogers Account is broken and cannot add ANY new numbers

I've been around

Heads up all Shaw customers asked to migrate to Rogers - The accounts they create are BROKEN and cannot be used to add any new numbers/plans, existing Shaw or even Rogers.

I went to renew my Shaw 45$ 25GB plan with new iPhone for $35 a month it was the day BEFORE the sudden shutdown of Shaw Mobile and although it went through originally, it was cancelled the next day.

I was forced to go to Rogers where instead of $80 25GB Plan including new iPhone I was stuck with a $140 one that was discounted with a "Shaw Discount" to $90.  Rogers FORCED me to open a second Rogers account with a separate email because it could not be added to my existing Rogers phone Account I use for work.

At the time they had no way to migrate my $15 for 3GB plan or $25 for 3GB "bring your own device" Shaw Plans over as they had not setup the Rogers plans for those yet.

So I finally get a notification to move my $15/3GB and $25/3GB Shaw Plans to Rogers. I spend TWO hours on the phone with people who cannot fix it despite it being escalated to tech support.  When they try to add ANY plan to my Shaw Discount Rogers account created with the Shaw discount from my other phone it says "No Plans available."

Same thing happens when I try to add ANY plan to it. So it is Server problem when they add ONE Shaw Discount, they break the account so no other phone numbers can be added to it, Shaw or otherwise.

I have no idea how to get through to their actual Engineering team with people who configure the Server side so they can fix it for everyone. I am not going to create a 3rd account and have my credit check hit again because their computers techs don't know how to fix their servers.


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Re: Shaw to Rogers migration - Rogers Account is broken and cannot add ANY new numbers

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I think you're going about this the wrong way. File a complaint with Rogers here. I'd also file a complaint with the CCTS. 


FWIW. Most people who migrate over from Shaw don't have this issue you're experiencing. It's best to deal with Rogers over the phone or via online chat. Eventually, Rogers will be able to resolve this issue for you. 


In the worst case scenario, your migrated account will need to be closed and Rogers will port your numbers to a new account.

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