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Placement of Crave channels

I plan to stick around

In 2018, we saw the rebranding of The Movie Network to Crave, and since that time the channels that belong to this package have been out of order on your network:

301: Crave 1
302: HBO 1
303: HBO 2
304: Crave 3
305: Crave 2
306: Crave 4
307: Starz 1
308: Starz 2

At the time when this rebranding happened, I thought: surely, they must be aware of this subpar user experience when a viewer navigates the channels in this package and they will correct it soon.  A year passed, another year passed, yet another year...., four years has passed and these channels are still out of order.

If one subscribes to the Crave streaming service (directly from Crave), the channels do appear in order when viewed from their application: Crave 1, Crave 2, Crave 3, Crave 4, HBO 1, HBO 2, Starz 1, Starz 2.

Do you have any plans to properly order these channels on your network, or will we continue to see this level of disorganization and poor user experience?


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Re: Placement of Crave channels


Greetings and good morning @422151819119!


Is this the first time you've let us know about this issue? Have you ever contacted us directly to have a ticket escalated for this?


I checked this on my own personal Ignite TV guide at home and all the Crave channels appear to be in proper order, so this issue may be localized. Is there anyone else in the Community having this same issue? Please let us know. 


Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




Re: Placement of Crave channels

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@RogersCorey : Although I'm now on IgniteTV, I remember this from when I was on Legacy Digital Cable. I just got used to the weird order of the "movie" channels.  Same goes for the weird labelling of TSN mentioned in another thread.  I doubt Rogers will do anything about this on Legacy Digital Cable, especially since most people are used to it for years.

Re: Placement of Crave channels

I plan to stick around

No, I've not previously reported this issue.  I am reporting it here with the expectation that it will be sent to the appropriate group within your organization in order to resolve.  In this case, you have incorrectly referenced Ignite television; I am not referring to Ignite television.  I do not understand why I must send a private message -- since I have posted here reporting the issue, after all -- but okay, I have sent a private message pointing you to this post thread.

Re: Placement of Crave channels

Hello @422151819119 !


We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention!


It appears that we have already been chatting with you via PM. Please feel free to continue with us there as needed.  🙂


Thank you!




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