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Latest NextBox Terminal.

I Plan to Stick Around

I have a Nextbox 3.0 Whole Home setup with 9865 HD PVR and 4642 HD boxes.  The 4642 HD is terribly slow to respond to remote (changing channels, tv guide, play/rew/ff buttons).  Is there a better model out there?


Note: NOT interested in switching to ignite.




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Re: Latest NextBox Terminal.

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Resident Expert

@SB28 wrote:

...4642 HD boxes.  Is there a better model out there?

Not really. What you could consider is to get another 9865, which is pretty fast. They can be had for very little ($50 or less) on places like Kijiji, etc.  I'm not sure if it can tie into WHPVR - you'd have to find a Rogers CSR who knows WHPVR, or whether you'd have to use the two separately, which may work for you.


Of course, eventually (in a year, or two, or three, no one knows) legacy digital cable will no longer be available with Rogers.

Re: Latest NextBox Terminal.

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The Nextbox 4k terminal is miles ahead of the 4642 -. Not sure if you can hook it up to a 9865 PVR tho (I think you can as I'm pretty sure I had this setup before upgrading to the 4k PVR)

Good luck getting Rogers to even let you attempt to modify your legacy setup tho...

Re: Latest NextBox Terminal.

After doing a bit more research on this in older threads, other forums, etc. it should be possible to add a 9865 (or 4K box) to WHPVR - simply say it's "replacing" a 4642 that was there or "added" to the WHPVR setup.  The difficult part is to find someone at Rogers who knows how to key in the correct codes to make it work as WHPVR.


Also, as mentioned above, Rogers may not be interesting in helping with a legacy digital TV setup since they want to entice people to migrate to IgniteTV.


If you're willing to risk purchasing a used 9865, here's a post listing the caveats.


Here's the WHPVR thread on Digital Home:


You may wish to PM the mods here to see if they know how, or have suggestions/contacts:

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