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Ignite TV Issues

I've been here awhile

We have had issues for weeks with our TV screen freezing, turning black and going off and on. Our first thought was we needed a new HDMI cord, we have since replaced this cord 3 times!!!! To no avail ! The TV will work for awhile but then it starts doing this same thing every evening, which seems very strange why it would not do this during the day. There would be times when a particular channel would not be available as well, this happens quite often as well. We tried everything possible to try to fix this ourselves before ever calling because we knew what would be asked of us to try. This past weekend we lost connection all together and a blue screen came on. We have two other TV's and had no issues with either one of them. 

I called Rogers on Sept 10th (yesterday) and received no assistance whatsoever, even though they could see we had no signal on that TV. They said they would send a technician but their system was currently under maintenance and couldn't book appointments!!!!!  Whoever heard of such craziness when customers are paying for service and can't even get someone to come and help! Of course no mention that there was an issue with TV service at that time. I was to receive a call back within a few hours which I knew would not happen so 2 1/2 hours later I called again - waited 30 minutes on hold until someone answered. Again, no satisfaction and at this point we had no TV service on that one TV. No explanation was given or assistance once again after explaining the situation.

I was then told the first appointment is Thursday Sept 14th between 2-5 !!!! This is totally unacceptable having to wait four days for someone to come, again another excuse telling me there are only a few technicians in our area, I live in the city, not outside "the area"!!!! This leads me to believe there are alot of people having issues if they haven't enough people hired to service their customers in a timely manner. I am furious with this service and I am really going to consider leaving Rogers. I have been a customer for years and Rogers has been the only service provider we have ever had but in the past 5 years they have been nothing but a pain. I transferred over to ignite TV a few years ago, hoping it was going to be better - to date it has not. 

All of what has been happening I believe is "Rogers Issues" not my TV or connections. 




Re: Ignite TV Issues


Good morning @1_25n!


I can certainly understand your frustration in this situation. Waiting 4 more days while coping with an intermittent TV signal is not ideal. 


Technician availability can vary based on the area and this is a particularly busy time of year when students begin to move for school. Please accept my apologies for the longer than usual wait for an appointment.


I can check to see if there's any earlier appointments for you. Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




Re: Ignite TV Issues

I'm here a lot
Did you ever get a solution? I have the exact same issue.

Re: Ignite TV Issues

Hello, @Kerri151515.


I appreciate you joining this thread; freezing or black screens can hamper the TV viewing experience. Please elaborate on the issue and provide us as many details as you can so we can help find a solution for you.


We look forward to hearing from you.




PS: You can use the instructions in RogersCorey's post above to connect with us in PMs. 

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