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Channel not working on PVR

I've been here awhile

We have 1 PVR and 2 regular HD cable boxes. We are NOT on Ignite.
27 & 263 are where we normally find W Network. The channels appear fine on the 2 regular cable boxes but on the PVR, we either get an extremely pixelated frozen image or just a black screen. This is the only station this is happening with. I have called Rogers on this and have been told they could not find anything wrong and the next step is to send a technician to the house. 
Everything has been working for years. What can a technician do other than just check the signal strength in the house. We own the PVR and have heard too many horror stories about Ignite to want to change.

Any suggestions?


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Re: Channel not working on PVR

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

If the channel is coming in on your other boxes, there is obviously nothing wrong with the channel. Therefore there is either something wrong with the PVR, or more likely, the signal getting to that PVR.  Some boxes require more signal than others. Rogers should have been able to check the signal at that box. Here's a post on signal. You can check it yourself as well:


Some things to try:


Move the PVR to the location of one of the working boxes. Disconnect and reconnect all the cables/connections.  Remove any upstream splitters temporarily.

Re: Channel not working on PVR

I've been around

I have the same problem with channels 33 and 34. They worked yesterday but are blank today.

Talked to Rogers tech support twice today. The first time, I was passed to the french tech support and he could not communicate with me very well, so I disconnected.

The second time, I got a tech support guy who was very confusing. Telling me I should not be using 33 and 34 but higher channels in the 200's. I asked why the lower channels were not available. He said they are. I said why are mine blank. He went on about internet access or something, which I am not doing. 
I hung up. I'll call tomorrow and see if i can get someone that can actuially help.
If not, I'll talk to Bell since my other services are with them.

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