Can't log into Smart Home Monitoring APP (CAPTHA issue?)

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Can't log into Smart Home Monitoring APP (CAPTHA issue?)

Hi Everyone,


I've been frustrated for several days that all of sudden, my SHM app acted up. I lost access to it. 


The symptom is like this

1. SHM screen shown

2. Redirected to Rogers login page

3. Provide credentials then click login

4. Go back to 1. If I repeat 1-4 multiple times, I'll get a message after step 3 in the login page saying something like "there is error on our end, please try again later"


If I reinstall SHM app, it will work for my first login then go back to the process above. 


I am using an Android phone and my wife uses Apple and she doesn't have this issue. One interesting thing is after step 3 on my wife's phone, a CAPTHA page is shown, whereas the page is not shown on my phone.


I am not sure if it's related. BTW I've enabled Javascript on my browser. 


Please help me out, it's uneasy to not be able to use an APP deemed for security.



Thanks very much.







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Re: Can't log into Smart Home Monitoring APP (CAPTHA issue?)

Hey @will2km!


Not being able to access the SHM Manager on your phone is certainly concerning! I am glad to hear though that it's working on another device. I've taken a look into this for you and it looks like there was an outage impacting the Android app, however this has since been resolved to my knowledge as of yesterday. If you're still experiencing issues with it though I would recommend reaching out to support:


SHM Tech Support: 1-855-381-7840 (24/7)

SHM Live Chat (7AM-10PM EST)

Alternatively you can reach out to us here @CommunityHelps. Find out how on our Blog.


Regarding the captcha that you mentioned though that certainly shouldn't be occurring. Are you able to provide us with a screenshot of what you're seeing on that phone?