Unauthorized Credit Inquiries from Rogers

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Unauthorized Credit Inquiries from Rogers

Hello, I've been a Rogers customer for many years and decided to try posting here to get help after spending a lot of time calling various rogers numbers for help.


On Friday, January 24th I received an email from TransUnion that there were new changes to my credit report. I am signed up with TransUnion trough ScotiBanks credit report service, but this was the first time I had received this kind of email and at first thought it was just spam. I went and checkout the CreditView page on my ScotiaBank account and there were 2 new alerts for Credit Inquiry for January 23rd. I called Rogers on the 24th, I have both a small business account and a personal one. The Business rep I talk too wasn't much help, he just said that he didn't see anything on my account. The personal account rep also didn't find anything weird on my account, she said I should talk with the fraud department and transferred me over. The fraud department number went to a voicemail and I left them a message, they never called me back.


After spending all that time with rogers I decided to call TransUnion and see if they could help. The person I talk to did confirm the new credit inquiries and put a fraud alert on my account, they recommended that I call Equifax and do the same which I did.


I was hoping that would be the end of this, but on the 25th I had 2 new credit inquiries from Rogers and this morning I received 2 more alerts for changes to my credit report. When I check these new alerts were dated the 27th, The first one is listed as a NewTrade and the second one New Phone Number with the number listed.


I called Rogers again this morning and was given the phone number for the Fraud Department, it again went to voicemail. I left them a detailed message and now waiting to see if they will get back to me.


Has anyone else had this same problem?



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Re: Unauthorized Credit Inquiries from Rogers

Hello @Mmonette,


We appreciate you sharing your recent concerns with us in the Rogers Community Forums and allowing us the opportunity to weigh-in on the situation! 


This type of scenario is very troubling indeed.😟 Normally, we would only check on a customer's credit rating if we are attempting to set up a new service, and this is only done upon a customer's request. Is there anyone you know that has access to your personal information or to your Rogers account that would do something of this sort?


You may want to also consider placing a report with your local authorities for added security.


In the meantime, we'd love to review your account details and hopefully, we can find more information about what is going on. We can also submit a case to our Fraud department if needed and one of our fraud analysts can investigate as well. Please note that leaving a message for our Fraud department when a case has not yet been opened may not yield any results.


Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you,