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Rogers Solution Refund

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey, I know Rogers had a 100 visa gift card deal going on with my s8 preorder and I called yesterday about it and the guy on the phone said they haven't started sending them out yet but I got a message today but I can't tell if it's a scam link or not. Can anyone confirm?

The number is 905 866 9610 and the message reads

Rogers Solutions Refund! Collect your money at: ***LINK REMOVED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES***




Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Received a text , says it’s from Rogers, a link to deposit a refund, scam or authentic ?

Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Good evening @Rob1957


Thanks for joining the Rogers Community! We hope you're doing well & we're happy to shed some light on this text message you received.


Scammers may try to gather information through text messages/SMS. Usually, these text messages will ask you to visit a specific website or call a certain phone number where you will be asked to provide information. Rogers will never contact you by email, text or phone to ask for personal information including PN and account numbers.


Keep in mind that text messages coming directly from Rogers will originate for four digits numbers (i.e. +8888).


To protect yourself and others, forward suspicious text messages (SMS) to: 7726 (SPAM).

Let us know if you have questions!



Re: Rogers Solution Refund

yup its fake/fraudulent. real messages from rogers do NOT come from 10 digit consumer numbers, and if u get a refund/credit, it shows right up on your bill automatically no need to click any refund link, thats also a red flag

Re: Rogers Solution Refund

I've Been Around

I’m receiving messages like this which are apparently from Rogers.  Is anybody else getting texts like this and what should I do about it?  Thanks


”Info Rogers svg msg: FriendIy reminder $96.78CAD returned.
(Link removed for security reasons - RogersMoin)
Err inv. ROG#17806166303

Re: Rogers Solution Refund

Hello @WaMan.,


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums!


We would never process a refund over a text message. Please report spam texts to Rogers by forwarding them to 7726. It’s quick and easy, and it helps us in keeping the network free from malicious messages.


Always remember to avoid entering personal or banking information in suspicious messages or links.