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I've been around

I have an account for my phone and my husband's we only use talk and text and don't do a lot of either.  I switched to prepaid and requested an email on how to make payments and have them credited to the prepaid phone.  Signing in to the account number I have always used it shows a large credit sitting there which represents payments I have made.  I have received no information about how the prepaid account works.  Some kind of message was sent to my phone from Rogers but the picture they sent or whatever the attachment was wouldn't load.  I don't have data so maybe that was problem.  I worry it was instructions.  I had asked for the instructions to be emailed because I can use the computer and read the gmail.  I have no way of knowing if the funds sitting as a credit in my account will be applied to the prepaid plan.  I worry my phones will be cut off for lack of payment even though the website acknowledges I am sending Rogers money it does not indicate the money was applied to the prepaid phones.  I have tried contacting Rogers and have had no useful assistance.  I'm in my seventies and not technical and this is quite frustrating.



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Re: Prepaid account

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@northerndreamer : There is only one way to contact the customer service people responsible for Pre-paid phones. The link is below:  No one else at Rogers can help.


Please follow the instructions very carefully and do not press the next option until the previous options have finished. At the very end you'll be able to press 1 to talk to someone. Please be patient at each step.  If you have difficulty getting to the end and talking to someone, please provide these instructions to someone else who may be able to assist you at your home.


It is possible to find out your balance using one of the earlier options, but that's probably not what you want to do - you probably want to confirm various other items with your account like payments, etc.  For that you'll need to talk to someone and wait to the end of the options.


I have always found the Pre-paid people to be very helpful and there is not usually a long wait to talk to someone - they usually pick up very quickly.


I've copied the instructions again below:


For further assistance, feel free to contact our Prepaid department, to address any concerns you may have.
1. Dial: 1-800-575-9090  (or *611 from a pre-paid cell phone)
2. Wait for language selection to finish
3. Press option 4 for “General information”
4. Press option 4 to “Contact Rogers”
5. Press option 1 to reach a live representative quickly

Their hours of operation are as follows: 
Monday – Friday: 8am – 12am
Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

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