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iPhone SE 2020 roaming LTE

I've been around

Having issues in USA. Can’t make or receive phone calls when in LTE. When in LTE full bars only 1.2mbps. Rogers claims it’s because it’s a phone not bought from Rogers. Anyone else having an issue? I’ve tried a different sim, several phones ( not sure if originally bought from Rogers that’s my next step). But hard to trouble shoot at a store when not trying to roam! Frustrating!


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Re: iPhone SE 2020 roaming LTE


Greetings @Cammar,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Not being able to use your phone while on roaming can definitely be disappointing. We'd be happy to assist you with this. 


Have you tried rebooting the device? Have you tried taking the sim card out and inserting it back? Can you check your Network Selection settings and ensure it's set to automatic?


Also, as our support suggested, we cannot, unfortunately, guarantee functionality of a non-Rogers device.



We look forward to hearing from you.




Re: iPhone SE 2020 roaming LTE

I plan to stick around

No it's probably not even a Rogers problem to be honest with you. iPhone supports the majority of bands, and typically the traffic is exited in the US by the carrier (not sent back to Rogers, it depends on the country - like Cuba for example is all piped back to Canada for exit to the internet). 

If you're romaing on AT&T, this is a typical speed for a foreign roaming customer. You get lower priority then their local customers.

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