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2G/3G network support ending

I'm a senior advisor

Apparently Rogers will be shutting down the 2G/3G network March 31, 2021. One would presume many PayGo customers have these older phones. Mine is 3G. Before GSM I had loaned my PayGo phone to my son who was looking for a job. Apparently it got lost or stolen. I never replaced it. When Rogers switched to GSM I got a letter that they would send me a new phone. It was a Nokia 2610. I later replaced it with an LG touch screen phone I bought from Rogers. So here is my question. Will Rogers replace my phone when they disable it like they did before? A friend, who's on Virgin, got a new LTE phone when his 2G phone was cut off.



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Re: 2G/3G network support ending

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As noted in the following thread/post it's only certain frequencies:

Re: 2G/3G network support ending

I'm here a lot

I heard Canada will be decommissioning its 3G network by the end of 2022. I have a few questions.  

I only use my Nokia C3-00 for texting and the occasional phone call. Will it still work (for call & text) when the 3G network goes down? 

Assuming it won't work, if I buy a modern Nokia (brand loyalty here) say at Best Buy or London Drugs, can I take it to Rogers and have it activated with the same phone number and Pay-As-You-Go 'plan' ?  Or do I have to specifically buy a Pay-As-You-Go phone from Rogers?

Thanks in advance for your responses. 

Re: 2G/3G network support ending

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Resident Expert

Hi CaptainT,


Rogers Canada has already shut down some of their 3G network, while the rest of it will eventually be shut down and decommissioned.  They have committed to keeping 3G operating in the 850 MHz band until 2025 so that is some relief. But even then I would not want to wait that long, plus you will probably have spotty service since the 1900 MHz 3G band has been shut down.


So yes your phone will still work but coverage may be not as great, but if you want to futureproof and change handsets, yes you are allowed to.  You don't even have to activate anything either. If you look under the battery, there is a special chip called a SIM card, it is how your authenticated on the cell phone network. All you have to do is remove this chip and insert it into the NEW phone and your number will be programmed on the NEW phone.  Just be aware SIM cards come in different sizes now so if you have the original size, the newer phones may require smaller sim cards, which its okay not to worry you can buy them at the stores and have the rep TRANSFER your service from the old one to the new one, you will keep your existing number and service too, it does not change. You also do not need to buy a "Pay As You Go" phone, Pay As You Go is not a phone its really just a type of account where you do not get a bill you pay for what you use.  Any phone can be used on pay as you go.  You can even use an unlocked phone on rogers it does not have to be a phone sold by rogers.

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