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SPORTSNET+ APP Blocking out games on Phone but not TV.

I've been around

I'm on the East Coast and I have the Sportsnet+ Premium Plan to watch West Coast games and out of region games. My team has a lot of restricted region games but with the plan I've never had an issue.

I'm currently watching a Van. vs. Ott. game, signed in through my account, on my tv but I cannot access the same game on the mobile app or website from my phone (while I'm watching (I was planning on moving rooms)).
It keeps prompting me that the region is restricted and has been blocked. I've never had an issue with my plan or streaming from my phone before. I'm boggled as of why this is happening now. ???

My account plainly stats that I have the Premium plan which gives me access to regional blackouts.
I'm literally watching the game, through the app on my TV but I can't access it on my phone via the website or app in the same house, using the same wifi connection and ip address..??


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Re: SPORTSNET+ APP Blocking out games on Phone but not TV.


Good day, @Lukin709 ,


Thanks for joining us in the community forums and for posting your issue! 🙂


I can see how that would be a bit confusing. To my understanding, the blackouts should be lifted for nearly all games (minus TSN broadcasts) for all in and out of market games while on the premium package. 


Is this issue only happening on the one device? Is your device's software up to date?


By any chance, did you check your settings to be sure your Location services didn't get disabled by mistake? 


If the issue persists, you may want to try to uninstall/reinstall the app to see if this helps. Otherwise, I would recommend reaching out via email to or visit the Sportsnet website.


Kind regards,




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