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MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

I'm here a lot

I recently had a new modem installed in my home and now the my wifi app doesn’t work at all. It just tells me when opening the app that it cannot connect to the modem at this time. I am completely on wifi when doing so. I’ve called tech support on this and he had no idea why it wasn’t working and why it showed no devices connected to my wifi at that time When o had several devices connected. I desperately need this app up and running does anyone have any suggestions other than uninstalling and reinstalling the app, rebooting AND resetting the modem??


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Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues




Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. The app not able to establish a connection with the modem indicates some communication issues. When do you get the error message? Are you able to enter the login credentials? The app uses the same credentials as your modem login.


Since you mentioned it's a new modem, the issue could be related to modem's firmware. We can look into it for you; please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog




Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

I can’t login at all. Won’t even take me to login screen. Immediately says I’m not connected to the modems wifi. I’ve sent a message. Hopefully it can be sorted out and work again!

Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

I've been around
I’ve not been able to log into my wifi app for months after receiving a new modem that should be compatible. I’ve just swapped out another modem after several calls to tech support!! Any known way to resolve this issue?

Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

Hello, @Jennifer-C


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I know how convenient it is to be able to manage your Wi-Fi network via an app on your smartphone. We definitely want to ensure that you get this working.


Can you confirm what modem you are using? If you are using a compatible modem and are still getting that error message then there could be an issue with your MyRogers profile.


We look forward to your response!



Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

I've been here awhile

I had a bad experience with the Rogers MyWifi app. I left a review on the App Store, and someone from Rogers directed me here in the hopes that I could give them some more information. Unfortunately, I'm not able to, because we replaced our old Rogers Bundle with a new Rogers Ignite Bundle, and I've replaced the MyWifi app with the Ignite Wifi app.


The Ignite Wifi app has a few quirks, but it seems to mostly work with the Ignite modem and Pods, so, so far so good! 👍🤞

Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

I've been here awhile

Error syas, your modem is no more compatible.

Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

Hello @nhameed!


Welcome to our Community!


Have you recently swapped your modem or made any changes to your network or network settings?


What troubleshooting steps have you attempted so far? Have you tried reinstalling the app?




Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

I've been here awhile

Yes I've made few changes to modem settings.

DHCP range is -
DHCP lease is forever
Few IPs are reserved
Dynamic DNS is disabled
I am using safeDNS

I did reinstall app but its still not working. "This application is not compatible with your modem"

Re: MyWiFi App - Connection Issues

I've been around

yes i am facing the same issue i wanted to change my wifi bandwith from 2.4g to 5g. It did not work.This is totally rubish app.

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