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MyRogers App - No Internet Connection

I've Been Around

I have uninstalled and reinstalled MyRogers. I have restarted my phone twice. Everytime I open the app it says no internet connection and won't let me login.



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Re: MyRogers App - No Internet Connection


Good day, @JABKW!


A warm welcome to our community forums and thank you for sharing your concern! 🙂


So sorry to hear that you are having issues with accessing your MyRogers app but we do appreciate you sharing what steps you have tried to get it resolved. We just have a few questions that we are hoping you can answer so we can get a better picture of what's happening:


- When is the last time you were able to successfully log into the app?

- Is the same problem occurring on multiple devices?

- What is the make/model of the device that is experiencing the issue?

- Are you able to access other websites such as Google?

- Are you able to use the same login credentials to access any of our other Rogers apps or can you login via a web browser on


We are trying to determine if the issue related to the app, device or service, so more detailed info will be needed. It is also important that your device has the latest OS and app version installed on it as well. 


We look forward to your reply!