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Ignite TV Mobile App

The information says “ watch anytime anywhere”, this is not true, for some of the content you have to be on your home network , and for all content you have to be in Canada. As a subscriber to Rogers I think “Anywhere” should actually be anywhere you can access the Internet. If not, then remove Anywhere” from the advertising and replace with “anywhere in Canada for some of our content”. Misleading customers is why people change providers.


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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

Those caveats are outlined in the first and last bullets of the Anyplace FAQ (predecessor):




Here's the FAQ on Ignite App.  Looks like they do need to update it regarding Canada:




Here's an FAQ on restrictions:




If you type "Ignite App" into the Rogers search engine, you'll find lots of other information on that topic:



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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

Regarding the “faqs” link this is also inaccurate, I can watch live tv anywhere (in Canada) using the app and can also watch what I am recording while it is recording. Using a pc logged into my account restricts me from watching a recording in progress.
More inconsistencies.
A windows app would be benificial to subscribers, some people use Windows phones and tablets.
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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

Hi @Pro1969,


Thanks for joining us here in the Rogers Community Forums and what a great first post! 😀


I can definitely understand your concerns here, as how a service is positioned is super important. At Rogers, we certainly try to be as transparent and forthcoming as possible!


We do provide some clarification about our Ignite TV app in our Terms & Conditions found at the bottom of this page. Please click on the 'SEE FULL DETAILS' link and the Terms & Conditions window will pop.


I'd also like to provide some more details for you and the rest of the Community to save for any further confusion. Please see below.


What kind of programming is available on the Ignite TV app?


The following types of programming are available for you to stream on the Ignite TV app:

• Saved programming: this includes your completed and scheduled recordings, your Favourites and your purchases and downloads. 
◦ While on voluntary suspension, you cannot record any new material, but you can still view previously recorded material.

• Live TV programming: this includes all your channels with TV listings, channels you’ve Favourited, and channels that can be watched on the go. 
   ◦ You can only stream live TV when you’re at home and connected to your home Ignite network.

• On Demand programming: this includes movies and TV shows. 
   ◦ Due to restrictions by content providers, some On Demand programming can only be viewed when you’re connected to your Ignite home network.
   ◦ You can download purchased On Demand content to your mobile device and watch it on the go! 


Is there any content related limitations when using the Ignite TV App?


•There is no maximum number of devices associated with an account.
• Customers can have up to: 
   ◦ 5 concurrent streams in and out of the home combined
   ◦ 2 concurrent streams when out of the home

• Only content indicating the “TVGO” symbol is available outside of their home.
• The Instant Video On Demand (restart) feature is not available on the app or browser view.
• Customers cannot “pause” live TV on their second screen.
• PVR recordings are only available out of home once the program recording is complete.
• Apps, including Netflix, are not available as part of the app or browser experience.
• Customers will not be able to purchase on the app or browser, eg., TVOD. It must be purchased via their set-top box and then played for 30 seconds. It will then appear under their “Saved” section.
• Content limitations with out of home also exist with Ignite TV.
Approximately 90% of channels are available when at home on a second screen device. Approximately 60% of channels are available out of home. Similar to Video On Demand (VOD).
• Due to broadcasting rights, customers will only have access to pre-downloaded content on the Ignite TV app when travelling outside of Canada.


Just to add, if you are indeed able to access "in progress" recordings via the app, then that's pretty awesome! Has anyone else in the Community had the same experience and can share with us? I'm curious to know if this is the case for ALL Ignite TV app users. 🤔


I hope everyone finds this information useful!



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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

“You can only stream live TV when you’re at home and connected to your home Ignite network.“
This is stated in your response and is obviously taken from an actual Rogers statement, I am currently 100 miles from my home network and am watching live tv on my account. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy that I can do so, and in my opinion, should be able to with my subscription, but the fact remains that Rogers is posting inaccurate information. I’m sure that Rogers is unaware that the statement is incorrect but the question must be, how can you not be aware how your own system works?
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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

The what can be viewed inside the house vs outside the house.. is one thing.

But the Canada vs elsewhere, is not really false at all.
Its the same EVERYWHERE.
Ignite, Crave, even canadian netflix.

If you go out of country.. you cant watch crave content.  Why?  The licensing for viewing is only good in Canada.  Someone in that other country might own the right for that show there.
Even netflix is the same.  Yes you can view netflix while your there.  But its not the same.  Your not viewing canadian netflix. (IE: You go to the states.. you'll loose all disney content on netflix, as its gone off US netflix.

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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

I’m trying to find out if there is a way to log another device out of the Ignite TV App or atleast change my password for it?
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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

Dont think that you can kick a certain device off..

But as for password.. its tied with your myrogers account.

If you change your myrogers password (same one  you use here, etc), then they wouldnt be able to log in with the old one.


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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

If you are logged into the app with a device, you can simply log out, if your device saves the password and automatically logs you back in when the ignite app is opened (I’m assuming here that this is a shared device and you don’t want anyone else using your account) then you just need to find where the device stores the password and delete it or disable the auto log in feature on the device. Changing the password will change it for any device you wish to use the app on, it is linked to your account, not the device.
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Re: Ignite TV Mobile App

Ignite TV app for Roku, AndroidTV, AppleTV, etc?


Are there IgniteTV apps that you can run on STBs like Roku, FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, Xbox, etc that would work the same as having an IgniteTV box at your TVs?


I believe that there are Comcast Xfinity apps for some of these devices and isn't IgniteTV the same thing as Comcast's Xfinity?  So it should be pretty easy to do the same thing for IgniteTV - wouldn't it be pretty much just rebranding Xfinity to Ignite?