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Ignite TV App on Android TV

I've been around

For years Rogers was behind the times on streaming using an app. Not to say you didn't have one it was outdated before you launched it. I have recently become a customer again and I was pleasantly surprised to find out you updated your app it's of decent quality but again I find your app behind the times as it cannot run on Android TV devices?!?! Phone yes but Android TV no (Nvidia Shield) Why? When are you going to correct this? You hit the ball but failed to get a home run. Our Rogers cable is only one option for us to consume media and our android box at least with Bell was able to handle everything with one device. I see you have an option to incorporate services into your interface but I find it clunky and it doesn't accommodate everything. To be clear casting to the TV is not an answer, it's a work around.

Is there any hope on the horizon?


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Re: Ignite TV App on Android TV


Greetings @Dgftv!


Thank you for your interest and suggestion. After AirPlay, an Android TV app is likely the second most requested feature.


While I don't have any news to share about an Android TV app, we did just recently release support for AirPlay. We constantly strive for improvement. 




Re: Ignite TV App on Android TV

I've been around

I also have this problem , I am a new customer and just assumed you had an Android TV app . C’mon this is a day one requirement please get it out ASAP

Re: Ignite TV App on Android TV

I agree, it is a joke that Ignite Tv is an IPTV service and after years of being in the market, Rogers doesn't have an app for Android TV (meanwhile there is an Android app for phones). Your competition Bell has an app for the most popular ecosystems including Android TV. But I see the reason behind and this could be the loss in revenue if people stop renting 2nd or more TV boxes.

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