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Can't load the check availibity page after logging in

I've been around


I used to be a Rogers customer a few years ago so I do have an account on here, but now I'm trying to order Ignite 500u and every single time I get to Check availability it just "loads" forever, this is happening on my laptop, PC and phone so it seems like an issue with the actual website that I can't put this in my cart unless I log out, but then when I get to the buying part it asks me to register and then tells me my email address is already used.

What are my options here?


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Re: Can't load the check availibity page after logging in


Hello, @moohhh!


Thank you for joining us in the community forums and congrats on your first post! 🙂


We'd absolutely love to have you back on board with us! I'm so sorry to hear you are having some difficulty using the website. 😞 I did run some tests at my end and I am able to use the "Check availability" option without any issues. It then allows me to proceed with viewing the available packages for my area and add them to my cart. Once done, it does ask me to sign in with my current profile or sign up for a new one. 


May I ask, have you tried clearing your cache? Also, which web browser(s) have you tried? It might help to use a different web browser. I am using Chrome. 


We look forward to your response!


**If any other users can give it a try to see if they are experiencing the same issue as @moohhh, we'd love to hear from you! 



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