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Wyze cam problem with rogers home internet

I've been here awhile

I'm using a Wyze IP camera for home security, but it only works with a 2.4G WiFi signal. My internet service provider at home is Rogers Ignite Home Connect. I've set up my WiFi with two channels: 5G and 2.4G. All my Wyze cameras are connected to the 2.4G channel. However, I've noticed that the Wyze app only supports IPv4, which means I can't view the live feed through the app. I'm not very familiar with these technical settings, so I'm struggling to find a solution to this problem. Is anyone else in Canada, using Rogers network and Wyze cams, experiencing the same issue?


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Re: Wyze cam problem with rogers home internet

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

While the rogers modems do support IPV6, they still are using IPV4.

I connect manually to my home computer's PLEX server outside all the time, and its using IPV4.

Generally, most cameras which talk out to a service, and you connect to that service through the app, generally i found never were blocked, etc..
Though I wonder if maybe  you do need to add port forwarding of some form?

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