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Wifi 6 / 6E compatible Pods

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Hi Folks,

As the new xb8/xb7 modems are wifi 6E/wifi 6 devices, are we expecting upgraded/gen 3 wifi pods sometimes soon? Currently the gen 2 lod is still wifi 5 and othe companies such as Bell provides wifi 6/6E pods?



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Re: Wifi 6 / 6E compatible Pods


Good evening @Papul1989,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post!


The Ignite WiFi Pods or Ignite WiFi Pods (Gen 2) only support up to WiFi 5 (802.11 ac). When using some WiFi 6 capable devices that have WiFi indicators with our Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 2) and Pods, you might notice the WiFi 6 icon change to the WiFi 5 icon (and back) as you move around the home.



Because the Pods don’t support WiFi 6, this is the expected behaviour when your device connects to a Pod then back to the Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 2) or vice-versa to get the best possible WiFi signal where you are inside the home. 


Since the pods should only be located in areas of your home where the WiFi signal is poor, or where there is interference, you should still be able to make the most of your WiFi 6 Home Network!


If you notice you're often connected to WiFi 5, you may want to look into relocating your gateway to a more central area and using the pods only when necessary.


Hope this helps!



Re: Wifi 6 / 6E compatible Pods

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Apparently, the answer is not known, since you got a non-answer response already.  The honest answer is Comcast does not have them yet and Rogers is using their system so they are not coming any time soon.  

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