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Why can't they get their cable out of the trees???

I'm here a lot

Rogers support/repair is now a neighbourhood joke and homes are moving to Bell.
At the end of October 2022 a neighbour accidentally, by pounding in a stake, cut the main cable that runs buried down the street. As an emergency repair, they strung a cable through the trees and down the street above driveways from one green cable junction box to the next.
That cable is still in the trees and no repairs on the buried cable done. It comes out of a tree in my yard over some of my lawn and into a cable junction box. I have to play with it to mow my lawn.
I just got notification that it will take between 3 and 10 months to get the buried cable repaired. They're kidding or at least they should be. Three of my neighbours have now moved to Bell all mentioning the lack of Rogers support and pointing to the cable hanging over their driveways.
If I bought a wire locator and broke into two junction boxes, I could find and repair the rg11 cable in 20 minutes but why should I?

Has anyone got any brilliant ideas on how to get this over and done with?


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Re: Why can't they get their cable out of the trees???

I'm here a lot

Find out if they are violating any municipal by-laws, and report them.  If it's a safety hazard and they get a legal notice it might create some pressure and get some action.   


Good luck.

Re: Why can't they get their cable out of the trees???

I'm an advisor

They never put a repaired connection underground. They would run a new cable from box to box.

Re: Why can't they get their cable out of the trees???

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

They almost never splice a wire together that is meant to be buried underground, some exceptions are allowed depending on what kind of wire it is, for example, maybe the rules for fiber optic are different than that of copper conductors.


For most copper cables, if it is damaged ,they will run a TEMPORARY line and yes most neighbourhoods have trees or light poles, they can string the wire from.


Guess what? once the temporary wire is hooked up, your service should resume working 100% as it was before the wire got damaged.  Yes the temporary wire will eventually be replaced. you may not like it, but your service still works 100% even with a temporary cable.


If you or your neighbours cancel rogers and go to bell, that is strictly a personal preference and has nothing to do with the quality of their service.  you should not judge a company by a cable dangling as they sometimes have no choice and have a small window of opportunity to do the cable burials and it is usually beyond their control. they usually coordinate this type of work with municipalities and cities.  You cancelling is simply a personal preference of your unrealistic expectations and not a factor of them delivering service to you

Re: Why can't they get their cable out of the trees???

I'm here a lot

Excuse me Pauly, but "unrealistic expectations" of having a cable strung over driveways for up to two years. I have to have a friend push that cable with a long stick up enough to get my RV into my driveway. Your answer is very very unrealistic.  You may be an community expert but definitely not at customer support.

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