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Upload is impacting QOS gaming

I plan to stick around

I've had gigabit internet for several years. My speed are a respectable 950Mbps download. My son is an avid gamer and uses the QOS service on my Asus GT-AX11000 router. My download activity does not impact him. However if I'm uploading files to multiple locations simultaneously it seriously degrades his performance. QOS prioritizes gaming over other functions. Is there any way I can redistribute my bandwidth giving more capacity to uploading?


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Re: Upload is impacting QOS gaming

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Hey @MyAxman!


Low upload availability can certainly lead to the complications you've described, it's unfortunate that this is something you've been experiencing. Though I'm not very familiar with the specifics of that router, what I can confirm for you is that the upstream on the network will be limited. It's an unfortunate circumstance limited by the technology utilized. The network is designed to prioritize download speeds so heavy use of the upstream will impact performance but perhaps others in the community might be more familiar with this router (or others) and be able to provide some specific adjustments to the QoS or other settings for better upstream allocation to your devices.


All the best.


Re: Upload is impacting QOS gaming

I plan to stick around

This router is a high end wifi 6 router and is paired with 3 other ASUS routers in a mesh network (2 x 5Ghz bands - one for return traffic, and 1 x 2.4Ghz). The performance is stellar. However uploads ar creating issues and I would prefer if Rogers would permit better distribution of the bandwidth. If this cannot be fixed I plan to switch to Fibestream who offer 5 gigabit speeds (50/50 bandwidth) at the same price as Rogers Gigabit

Re: Upload is impacting QOS gaming

@MyAxman nice router, buuut, Asus QOS isn't terribly effective.  Unfortunately, that router isn't supported by Merlin.  If it were, you would be able to load Merlin's Asuswrt and run Cake or FlexQOS.  Cake should be the first choice, followed by FlexQOS.


Here's a reference to the Cake implementation for Merlin's Asuswrt:


Here's a reference to the original FlexQOS thread:


and the next thread, for FlexQOS 1.1:


If you look at the Merlin's initial post in the link just above, you will see a reference to the ROG Rapture GT-AC2900, which Merlin is supporting in conjution with Asus.  Thats a rare event and there hasn't been any mention of extending that support to the GT-AX11000.


Ok, so, to make a long story short, if you're running short of upload capability, you need to increase that upload capability, or switch to a router that allows you to run Cake.  Cake - Common Applications Kept Enhanced is the latest iteration of QOS schemes that have been developed over the previous few years.  From the comments in the Merlin Cake thread, it appears to be a pretty effective QOS scheme.  It is however, math intensive, so I wouldn't expect anyone to run that scheme with anything less than the 1.8 Ghz dual or quad core processor in a router.  You have a quad core 1.8 Ghz processor in your GT-AX11000.  So, it you don't want to switch ISPs, that puts you in a position of switching routers to one that will run CAKE.  Thats either an Asus router, or router that supports OPENWRT or possibly PfSense or Opnsense.  A PfSense or OpenSense router is a pc with PfSense or OpenSense operating systems loaded to run the pc as a router.  I don't know off of the top of my head if PfSense or OpenSense runs Cake, so, perhaps fqcodel would be a second choice for a que management scheme. 


So, at the end of the day, to keep it simple, if you have access to FibeStream, that's the fastest route to higher upload rates.  If you're a techie and don't mind experimenting and tinkering, staying with Rogers and switching to a router that supports Cake would be the route to take. 


Note that switching to FibeStream would probably result in a switch away from DOCSIS technology used by Rogers and the vast majority of ISPs worldwide.  That should result in lower latency, but, you wouldn't be able to confirm that until you're there.  At some point, no matter what technology is used, multiple users will access a common data transmission system thru a time shared system as used by DOCSIS or by a frequency separation scheme used in Fibre system.  Its just a question of where the congregation point is.


Interestingly FibeStream shows the various companies that they peer with.  As far as I know, Rogers has never revealed who they peer with and where that peering point happens to be.  In Rogers case, its most likely thru Torix Toronto.


If FibeStream peer directly with the companies that they indicate, then perhaps you would see better performance thru FibeStream.  Again, you wouldn't be able to determine that unless you were connected thru them.  So, maybe a trial period is in order, just to check it out.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say....... 


End note:  Rogers is introducing DOCSIS 3.1 upstream at the present time on a CMTS by CMTS basis, or so it appears.  That allows the modem to run hundreds or thousands of low power sub-carriers to transmit data from the modem to the CMTS.  That should allow Rogers to increase the upload rates, but, there has been no indication to date as to whether that might be the next step when all of the technical hurdles associated with OFDMA (DOCSIS 3.1) upstream have been resolved.  You might already have an OFDMA upstream channel running.  If you look at the modem's signal data, you might see an OFDMA upstream channel running.  If so, and its stable, hurrah.  There are numerous users with the white CODA 4582 modem who are running into disconnect issues with OFDMA enabled.  Note that OFDM downstream has been running since March or May of 2017.  It looks like all of the initial issues with OFDM downstream have been resolved, so, it should be a matter of time before the OFDMA upstream issues are resolved.  

Re: Upload is impacting QOS gaming

I plan to stick around

Its far too complex if I have to downgrade my routers. It's far easier to change behaviour. Thanks for the assistance.

Re: Upload is impacting QOS gaming

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Solved my gaming on Stadia by using the bandwidth limiter in asus QOS. No need for Merlin firmware. Set bandwidth limits even on game systems. You are suffering from bufferbloat due to saturated uploads.

Re: Upload is impacting QOS gaming

I've been here awhile

I just bought this same asus router. With my ignite modem I can only achieve 299 down even though I have gigabyte service. I have tried a few setting in the router after hitting bridge on the ignite modem. However I am still stuck at 299 down on the asus modem. Lots of people are achieving 800 - 900 down with this same modem and ignite modem. Please help how do I find setting for this yo unlock the potential of the gigabyte service I pay for but dop not revive with the rogers modem. Any help or guidance is appreciated. 

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