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The Wifi speed is really slow - worst agreement ever

I'm here a lot

The wifi is really slow in my house, and buying an extender doesn't help with the issue. Although an extender was bought, it did not help with the speed or stability of the wifi, which often lags during a meeting. I want to cancel the wifi, but it is not possible due to a home-office agreement for three years. Rogers said if you want to cancel, you need to pay 20 dollars multiplied by the remaining month, and I have been using it for 5 months, and the speed is even worse even though I changed my speed from 500 M to gigabit. It is really savage about how Rogers only allows me to cancel WiFi if I pay the cancellation fee, which is really expensive, but I regret the fact about how bad the wifi I'm having.


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Re: The Wifi speed is really slow - worst agreement ever


Hello, @Windwang


We know how important it is to have strong Wi-Fi in your home, especially if you need it for work.


We definitely want to help you get this working better. We'll need more details from you to determine what steps to take to resolve this.


  • Can you describe where the internet modem is located in your home? Is it located in a central location in an open area?
  • What are the actual speeds you are seeing via Wi-Fi? Can you do a speed test with a device connected via Ethernet to compare the results?
  • Approximately how large is your home? How many floors are in your home?


Once we have more details we can recommend a solution for you.




Re: The Wifi speed is really slow - worst agreement ever

The internet modem is located at my living room, although the speed test said it is 14mbs but I think it is much slower than that, while I was downloading something, the speed was in kilo-bite per second rather than even 1mb. Like how extremely slow is the wifi for it to be with a plan that is in gigabites. Especially today the wifi is even more slower than usual. My house is around the size of 4000ft but even with an extender the wifi is still really slow. I’m really tired at complaining the wifi speed, and having to call rogers but they won’t cancel the wifi agreement because they said I need to pay the money for cancelling such a bad wifi rogers provided to me. Isn’t that ridiculous? I have been using this wifi for over 5 months and is getting more worst.

Re: The Wifi speed is really slow - worst agreement ever


Hello, @Windwang.


Thank you for providing us with more info about your modem setup. Getting that low WiFi speed can be bothersome. The Extender may not be the right solution here; when properly configured, it extends the range of your WiFi as the name suggests, but not the speed. 


We need to figure out if the issue is related to the RF signal or just WiFi-related:

  • Is the WiFi speed slow on all of your devices?
  • What’s the modem’s model?
  • Can you plug in a desktop/laptop directly to the modem and test the speed?
  • Can you log in to your modem and provide the Downstream, Upstream and OFDM signal tables?

I look forward to hearing from you. 





Re: The Wifi speed is really slow - worst agreement ever

I plan to stick around

Are your devices connected to the 2.4GHz WiFi network or the 5GHz network? If it's the 2.4GHz, try configuring your modem/router to use a different channel. I was getting 7Mbps download on an old laptop, until I changed the router to use a different channel for the 2.4GHz network. Download speeds jumped up to 75MBps.

Re: The Wifi speed is really slow - worst agreement ever

I plan to stick around
How do you change it?
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