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Port Forwarding

I plan to stick around

I am perplexed by the complexity of configuring port forwarding on TG4482A. What used to be a simple task of entering the IP address of the destination device and port range now requires an Ignite app and selecting the device from the dropdown list. Unfortunately, 70% of devices on my network are listed as Offline, including the device I need to configure. All devices use DHCP, some with reservations based on MAC address. Has anyone successfully solved the mystery of devices being listed as offline when they are clearly connected and visible on the network? Changing the IP address and rebooting the gateway don't make a difference. The device may show up for a couple of minutes online before moving to the Offline list again. I saw some posts recommending restoring the gateway to the factory defaults, which is just plain dumb as it erases all custom configurations.

I would like to understand the mechanism behind the device's discovery process to configure the port forwarding.  A 2-minute task shouldn't take days to complete. So frustrating!




Re: Port Forwarding

I've been here awhile

I used the Ignite App to port forwarding 3 ports on the Ignite router.  Following steps taken

1) Pick the Device (my server)

2) Add Port forwarding ( Port Range did not work for me)

3) Apply the rule

The Screen goes in circles... updating.  Will not finish.  I close the ignite app....

**** Success ****   The screen is going is circles... but the ports appear to be forwarded.   

Re: Port Forwarding

I would just like to add that this convoluted workaround also worked for me, though the Ignite HomeConnect app that Rogers makes you use only allows you to port-forward to the same port number (so I could not shift the public port for ssh for instance).  I will be switching over to Bell once my wife migrates all her email and accounts.

Re: Port Forwarding

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@overnite wrote:  I will be switching over to Bell once my wife migrates all her email and accounts.

I would strongly suggest that you not migrate e-mails to Bell.  This can result in a similar situation in the future, or if you need to move and don't have access to, or want to, use Bell.


I suggest you use a free e-mail service like Gmail or Yahoo (not Rogers/Yahoo), or pay a few dollars per month for your own domain. In this way you are not tied to a particular service provider.

Re: Port Forwarding

Unfortunately - that trick didn't work for me. I'm trying to port forward port 80 and 443 for a simple IIS server setup, And while I was able to register my device with the IP acquired via the USB dongle, there was an error message stating the IP had already been assigned to another device.  Nevertheless,  under connected devices the IP now shows  as the new IP of the device that I want forwarded., but sadly, there is no forwarding happening. I continue to be open to suggestion ... Thanks.

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