Node congestion / new node

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Node congestion / new node

Can one please advise the timeline to add a node to deal with a node that is overloaded for upload.  I am getting 1-2.5mbps - and have been for the past month or so, the congestion in on going. 


It is particularity difficult given the need my three kids have these days for online schooling (Zoom) and other Video conferencing tools for other activities. In addition like all others I have been working from home too - and it has been difficult given the latency issues.  Appreciate any guidance you can provide for the a timeline to have this completed?



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Re: Node congestion / new node

Hey @Rb8888!


Thank you for taking the time to PM us. As mentioned there would not be a timeline for a specific node installation available, but we're hoping any issues you're facing will be resolved soon.