No internet after power outage

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No internet after power outage

No internet after power outage

Green light is blinking on router.


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Re: No internet after power outage

Is the power back on?  Are the upstream and downstream LEDs lit, if you have a black or white Hitron modem?  If you're using other Rogers services such as Home Phone or Cable TV, are those services also not working?  If so, and the power is back on, call tech support via cell phone and get the Customer Service Rep to check for the services at your address and area.  Sounds like the neighbourhood node went down due to the power outage and hasn't restarted.  There is supposed to be a backup battery in the neighbourhood node, unless of course its dead or has been stolen. 


If you have a black Hitron CGN3xxx or white Hitron CODA-4582 and that green @ symbol LED is blinking, that indicates that the modem is trying to register with the Cable Modem Termination System.  If all it does is continue to blink, that would indicate that the neighbourhood node is still down for some reason, which should prompt a call to tech support to see whats going on.