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Internet keeps disconnecting today. Was down yesterday as well.

I've been around

It's really frustrating, the internet was down for 8+ hours yesterday and today the internet keeps going on and off. Currently its completely down again and I have to use my mobile data to get online to work from home.


Is there an outage again??


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Re: Internet keeps disconnecting today. Was down yesterday as well.

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Resident Expert

@user8501 Last week, the DAA/R-PHY Node in my area fell flat on its face again.  The neighbourhood was totally down for several hours and remained unstable throughout the day as they struggled to restore service.  It has been a year since Rogers "upgraded" the HFC infrastructure my area we are still plagued with stability issues from time to time.


I don't know what's going on.  I presume that Rogers is trying to implement a config that will allow them to offer higher upload speeds and more download capacity.  A year ago, right after they transitioned to the new Node, they made a software upgrade and a configuration change -- DOCSIS 3.1 Downstream (two OFDM channels with one using spectrum over 900 MHz) and Upstream in a mid-split config -- and that caused a multi-day outage requiring techs in THREE Rogers trucks several hours to restore service  They still have not been able to implement that config, or anything more ambitious than the basic channel config that I am in now.

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