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Internet Down Two Weeks No Service

I'm here a lot

A hydro tower went down in my neighborhood overnight August 31st/September 1st. Apparently when the hydro company repaired it they removed the Rogers internet box. I have now been without internet for 2 full weeks. A Rogers service technician came on September 2nd and was unable to connect our internet back up since there was no box. I was told it would be fixed ASAP but they needed a box. On September 5th I received an appointment text indicating that a technician would be coming on September 12th between 8-10am to fix it. No one showed up. I used the live chat with Rogers and they said they have no record of this appointment.  I asked when the internet would be fixed and they were completely unable to give me any sort of timeline. Apparently there is an open work order and no date when it will be followed up. This seems like an unreasonable amount of time for it to be fixed with no estimate of when it will be repaired. Two full weeks so far (Sept 1-14). Without an expected repair date it makes it very challenging to plan for. I am currently working from home so I have had to make other arrangements to work at various locations. I wasn’t even told if the required box has been ordered or what exactly I’m waiting for. I had plannedmy morning for the day we were supposed to have the appointment only for no one to show up and then had to spend over an hour communicating and still do not have any answers. Has anyone else had this issue? I don’t even know who to follow up with since the technical support department couldn’t give me an estimate or progress update.


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Re: Internet Down Two Weeks No Service

I'm here a lot

Also would like to mention, the hydro pole was repaired on Sept 1st so this is not what we are waiting for. It is the rogers box attached to the pole

Re: Internet Down Two Weeks No Service

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Retired Moderator

Hey @Jbeg17!


That is certainly a terribly long time to be without service! I can appreciate wanting to get a proper update on this asap. 


It's disheartening to hear about the technician appointment, that's certainly not the level of service we strive to provide. If scheduled and was cancelled due to the open ticket for replacement of equipment you should have been appropriately notified. 


This type of repair can take some time for sure and I'd be happy to look into it to find out where we're at with the process. Feel free to reach out to us @CommunityHelps and we can take a closer look.


Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to bring this to our attention. We'll do everything we can to see your services up and running again as soon as humanly possible.



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