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Ignite 5g performance

I plan to stick around

Until recently there were no wifi issues in the home. Now randomly my phone flips to LTE, and say it will go back to wifi when connection improves. Other devices just randomly drop out. A wifi scan does not appear to show any new networks or channel conflicts. Just as well as the ignite app seems to have disabled any channel setting options.

For a giggle I fired up my old router, in the same spot as the ignite, and using various wifi scanners took some measurements. To ensure apples and apples I set the router to the same channels as the ignite, but only one is active during the test.

On 2.4g the measurements are similar, ~-38dBm at 6 feet, and ~-58dBm at 30 feet. Sometimes the router is a little better, sometimes the ignite. At 5g the ignite is~-61dBm at 6 feet and the router is ~-35dBm. At 30 feet ignite is ~-85dBm and the router is ~-60dBm. A significant difference.

How do I tell if my ignite 5g is just very poor, or defective.

The ignite is the Technicolor 4331


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Re: Ignite 5g performance

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Good Day @jondoe2,😊


Yikes! I'm saddened to hear about the WiFi issues you've been experiencing as of late. Are you still having the same issues since you last posted?


It sounds like your router antenna seems to be more powerful than the Gateway 5G antenna. Some routers in the market may have better range than our modems as they specialize in those particular functions.


While our 5G connection on our Gateway is not failing, it does sound like it is performing less than your third party router. There are also environmental factors that can affect the performance. We recommend it being elevated off the ground 1-2 feet and having 1-2 feet open space around the modem specially from other electronics as they can interfere with the WiFi strength as well.





Re: Ignite 5g performance

I plan to stick around

If I can convince devices to connect via the 2.4g option then things do not drop out anywhere near as often. The 5g signal will drop to the point of being undetectable by the scanners for significant periods at the 30 feet detection point. Given the vast difference in level I wonder if "someone" has deliberately throttled back the 5g transmit power. It is an option on my router, but no idea about the ignite modem since anything useful has been disabled by tge app, and trying to find a manual on this device that explains anything more than what the lights mean is proving next to impossible. I would just like to be able to prove if the ignite 5g is inherently poor, or if it has somehow suddenly sub par and should be replaced, or if the power is being deliberately reduced.

I get the environment and placement has an effect, but given nothing has changed .....

Re: Ignite 5g performance

@jondoe2 have a look at the channels that your modem is using, either by looking at a wifi analyzer or using the app to check the 5 Ghz channels.  


In Canada, there are power limits on all of the wifi channels.  That is shown in the following chart:


That chart comes from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED Canada) RSS-247— Digital Transmission Systems (DTSs), Frequency Hopping Systems (FHSs) and Licence-Exempt Local Area Network (LE-LAN) Devices.  That document spells out the allowed power levels for wifi systems and other systems in that frequency band.


In a nutshell, they are:


Channels 36 to 48:  max conducted power of 200 milli-watts with further limits on spectral density

Channels 52 to 144:  DFS channels:  not allowed or limited to a max conducted power of 250 mw with further limits on spectral density.

Channels 149 to 165:  max conducted power of 1 watt with further limits on spectral density


So, the upper channels (149 to 165) are allowed to run 5 times the power level that channels 36 to 48 are allowed to run.


If Rogers has locked down your modem to channels 36 to 48, then yes, you will probably notice a decreased operating range from the modem.  If you happen to be using pods, then you will be locked down to channels 36 to 48.  


There are +'s and -'s to this  plan.  On the plus side, your 5 Ghz range outside of your house, and that of your neighbours is limited, so, in theory, that should result in a higher transmit bandwidth in your house, as long as you're within an acceptable range from the modem.  On the negative side, your operating range from the modem, using a low 5 Ghz channel will be reduced, compared to using a high 5 Ghz channel.  That of course leads to the discussion Band Steering forcing the connected devices onto a 2.4 Ghz network due to its longer range.  That comes with a cost of reduced bandwidth.  There is also the idea of using pods, which bumps up the monthly cost, or, purchasing your own router that you have full control over, and running the modem in Bridge mode. 


There is also the discussion of whether or not the modem is using Beamforming, to produce a higher power beamwidth, pointed in the direction of the connected devices.


So, for now, have a look at the channel that your modem is running.  That's the starting point. 

Re: Ignite 5g performance

I plan to stick around

The modem runs channel 1 for 2.4g and 44 for 5g. I don't mean to laugh but "If Rogers has locked down your modem to channels 36 to 48.....  ". A quick scan of the forums suggests I would be one of a very select few if that were not the case, so trying to change them appears futile. Again, the numbers in my original post from the router were using the same channels

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