Ethernet Connection

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Ethernet Connection

Hi, I have a question about my home internet connection.  I have my Rogers modem on my main floor which is connected to our tv and we use for wifi and I often connect an ethernet cable to it for my laptop to get a better video conference connection.

I'd also like to have ethernet connection in my basement. I believe we also have a Rogers router down there where our cable comes into as well as our phone lines. Can I connect an ethernet cable directly to that router to then connect to a tv or computer - rather than having to fish an ethernet cable down from the main floor modem?



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Re: Ethernet Connection

Please tell us the exact makes and models of the devices on the main floor as well as the device in the basement.  I'm guessing that the device in the basement is a phone modem for your Rogers home phone which doesn't have an ethernet connection?  If that's the case, then you'll need to fish a cable or use a powerline adaptor or something similar if the WiFi is no good to that location.

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Re: Ethernet Connection

@HeatherA22  I'm guessing that you have a black Hitron modem or perhaps the white Hitron modem.  The model number is located on the back of the modem.  It should either be a CGN3xxxx modem in the case of the black modems, or a CODA-4582U or 4582U 2A in the case of the white modem.  


If thats the case, then the box in the basement will be a telephone modem, which connects to your telephone cabling.  


Even before considering MoCA adapters which run over cable, or powerline which run over the house power cabling, I'd pull a wallplate off of one of the walls to check for any ethernet cabling sitting behind the wallplate that is waiting to be discovered and put to use.  If that's the case, that you have ethernet cabling that can be used, it would make this much simpler to accomplish.  It all depends on the age of the house.  


If you had ethernet cabling in the house, they would be evident in the structured wiring cabinet in the basement, where the telephone 66 block should be located.  All of the house telephone wiring would be connected to the 66 block.  Its possible that the telephone wiring uses ethernet cabling.  That is very common to see.  If all of the house telephone cabling is connected to the 66 block, then any left over ethernet cabling that isn't connected should be available for use as house ethernet cabling.  Again, it depends on the age of the house.