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Email quits after ignite upgrade

I plan to stick around

Upgraded to ignite about 3 days ago. Everything seemed to go smoothly except for a couple of hiccups with wifi coverage and reprogramming 2 Logitech remotes. However I suddenly realized that after 2 days email was not working on both rogers and yahoo accounts. I was up till 2am one night trying to resolve problem but nothing worked. Finally called tech support and found out they had to port over my accounts to ignite and reset my passwords in “” this involved setting temporary passwords and then changing them. However the tech I talked to was very patient but the instructions were totally incorrect and I spent over two hours on the phone with him and he ended up giving useless instructions which did not work. I ended up figuring out after the port over that I just need to go to the afore mentioned membercentre and change passwords  after the port over. Why passwords are managed this way now is beyond comprehension and why was I not told in the self install instructions that email would need to be ported over. Also why was the tech not  aware of just using the membercentre was relatively easy instead of performing hours of useless gymnastics and not wasting my time?. Time to smarten up Rogers; we now have Bell fibe in neighborhood prewired properly in cable ducts up to entrance of 

  each house.

I am annoyed rogers who has been taken advantage of for over 40 years!

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Re: Email quits after ignite upgrade


Hello @rammer,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! I'm really disappointed to hear that your latest experience with us has been less than satisfactory. We certainly hope to do better moving forward!


I'm glad to hear that you were able to get your email access figured out using our Member Center, that's great! Are you still experiencing issues with your WiFi and Logitech remotes? If so, feel free to describe your issues here in more detail and try to include any troubleshooting steps you've already completed and hopefully one of our awesome community members will be able to assist in a resolution! 


Kind regards,


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