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Consistent High Latency in the Evenings

I've been here awhile

Hi All,

For the past few weeks, I've been having high latency in the evenings. The download speed is not the issue. Any latency sensitive applications such as voice/video calls, and gaming are incredibly frustrating to use in the evening.

I've tried many things, which include:

- Having a new wire drilled into my home directly to the modem
- Upgrading to the latest modem (XB8)

- I have a wired connection to my PC
- 5+ technician visits, including a "senior" technician

I come to this forum hoping for some assistance. I'm almost positive that the issue is beyond the connection to my house and load related. I suspect this because my speed nearly halves during the evenings, and my latency increases anywhere from 5-10 fold. The latest technician - senior technician - that came assured me there are no issues from the green box to my house, and from my modem to my PC. He mentioned the maintenance team is responsible for assistance beyond the box, I'm not sure what this refers to and how to get in contact with them. I wonder what I am paying for if I am unable to use the services as advertised. Additionally, shouldn't Rogers have some sort of monitoring service to recognize downstream customers are seeing issues, or does it take repeat complaints and forum posts to get assistance? I apologize for my tone in advance, I am just incredibly frustrated at this point, as there is nothing more I can do on my end. Please advise.




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Re: Consistent High Latency in the Evenings

I'm a trusted contributor
When I have trouble getting to specific dept. or person, I ask a supervisor to set me up with an Office of the President Agent.

You can simply scroll down to the bottom of any page and click "Contact Us." When you arrive on the next page, scroll down near the bottom to "Share a Concern."

Hopefully, somebody will be able to shed more light on your specific situation.

You can also read the related thread linked below, for some other ideas and inspiration:

Re: Consistent High Latency in the Evenings

I've been here awhile

Hi mebe, 

I'm running a 24 hour ping test to my CMTS based on the post you linked, let's see what it returns. I will also try your suggestion.


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