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Coax Termination

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In my home, I currently have just one location that’s a properly terminated coax outlet. If I wish to move my modem into a different room which doesn’t have the outlet terminated, will Rogers send a technician to help me with that?


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Re: Coax Termination

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Resident Expert

Nope, sorry.  Maybe if this was in initial install, but now that its up and running you're probably on your own.  Your best way to do this is to hire an electrician or cable installer to fish a cable to the intended location.  I'm assuming here that you're looking for a typical in wall installation where the only thing that shows is a wallplate with a coax connector on it.  If so, then yes your best approach is to hire someone who can fish a cable thu a wall.  Rogers techs will only run cables along a baseboard or thru an external wall, running the cable externally until it reaches the ingress point. 


If you're looking to install the modem in a room that shares a common wall with the room where the modem is currently located and the current wallplate sits on the common wall, you could cut thru the drywall in the other room, install a low voltage Bracket and a wallplate over the bracket.  That hole would be cut in the same location as the electrical box on the other side of the wall, or just slightly offset so that you can pull the RG-6 cable out of the existing electrical box and connect it to a new wallplate that would be installed over the new bracket.  


Here's an example of the low voltage brackets:


So, if you're looking at a common wall situation, this might be one way to solve the problem. 


The other thought is, is your basement finished or unfinished.  If its unfinished, they you could probably fish a cable up to a new location from the basement. 

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