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Guest wifi security on Hitron modems

I plan to stick around

Is there any way to set up WPA2 AES security on guest networks with any of the Hitron modems?


We have that option for regular 2.4 and 5 wireless SSIDs but not an option on guest SSIDs.


Or for that case on any modems that can be used with Gigabite internet?




Re: Guest wifi security on Hitron modems


Hi @Paul16,


Welcome to the Community! 


The guest network is not as robust as the 2.4 and 5G so the options are not avaiable for the guest network. This applies to all the modems we offer.



Hope this helps!




Re: Guest wifi security on Hitron modems

Even on some higher routers.. the 'guest' networks, usually are more like your timmies/mcdonalds wifi type connections.

Really all and all.. i just disable them.. they are more of a security loophole than anything.

Re: Guest wifi security on Hitron modems

I've been around

Has anyone else run across this or found a "good" workaround?


I was trying to setup the guest wifi... simple enough give it an SSID and a password.  But when enabled and saved... I could see the SSID and connect to it... I get assigned an IP but it doesn't ask for a password and thus you don't get internet access. Normally after connecting to the open connection you get a webpage asking for a password.  I can connect the the 2.4G and 5G wifi connection on the same device and modem and they have internet access as they require a password.  


Even stranger... disable all wifi... then enable each one at a time save each time and the SSID of the Guest Wifi get appended to and garbled.


Called into Tech support and they have been very helpful... but the only solution is to factory reset the modem... after you reconfig and get the guest wifi working if you change the SSID it will break again.  ARGH.

Re: Guest wifi security on Hitron modems

I have a Hitron CGN3 modem. Recently I set up a guest network but even though I set up a password, it never asks for the password but allows any device to connect. Also, when you try to use the guest network, it says there is no internet access. So it essentially useless.


I have tried resetting the guest access, changing its' password, deleting it and redoing it. Nothing seems to make any difference, the result is always the same.


I REALLY need this to work.

Re: Guest wifi security on Hitron modems

This is an ongoing problem that seems to have been ongoing forever.  I don't have any recommendations for you other than to buy your own router and kick the modem into Bridge mode so that the router (far more capable) will run your networks.  Sorry 😞

Re: Guest wifi security on Hitron modems

Hi there,

I have CGN3ACSMR router by Hitron and two days ago, after a restart, my guest network stopped work.

Strange thing is that the devices are connected, I can ping the router from them, but I have this message "only allow DHCP client to use this wireless".

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Best regards


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