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Can't Connect One of the Devices to the WiFi Network

I've been around

Hello, just got ignite setup last week and everything was working great except my Samsung A5 would connect to wifi but not get internet. Every other phone in te house connected fine wih internet working.

Roger's tech said my phone was broken and it wasn't the ignite setup. This was the only thing that changed so I knew it was not my phone.

After an exhausting call to support I finally had them reset my router and not install the pods so I could test changing the 5g channel to see of this worked. It in fact did and my A5 phone was able to connect on channels 36 40 44 48.
Channel settings can only be changed manually if pods are disconnected I was told.
Problem with this was my wifes A8 phone all of the sudden wouldnt connect to internet anymore.

I am dumbfounded where ro go next. I have added the pods back and A5 rhat wouldnt connect on day 1 does so channel was not the original issue as I thought. Now I have no idea where to go from here. I will answer any questions or clarify anything if required. I csnt be the only one with this problem


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Re: Ignite TV - Can't Connect One of the Devices to the WiFi Network


Hello, @torads.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Congratulations on switching to Ignite TV, and we're glad that it's working great for you!


We have seen some devices which only works on 2.4 GHz band encountering issues connecting to the WiFi network. I gathered your devices A5 and A8 supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. 


Have you tried forgetting the network on A8 and joining the network again? 


I'm not sure if A5 and A8 support channel width higher than 40, which may cause issues joining the network. 


@-G- may have more ideas to help you.


Thank you for your patience!



Re: Ignite TV - Can't Connect One of the Devices to the WiFi Network

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@RogersMoin  /  @torads  I don't know if I can be of much help.  I'm not an Android user so I'm not familiar with their quirks.  I did a quick Internet search and found tips such as this one.  However, it sounds like your phones are able to connect to Wi-Fi but can't connect to any Internet sites.


This sounds similar to the problems reported where Chrome OS device cannot connect to the Internet.


Let's try something simpler:  Connect your phone to Wi-Fi, open a web browser and try connecting to your modem by going to   (...or just type into the browser's address field.)  If you are able to connect, then it's "only" a problem with DNS queries not getting resolved.  If this fails, we have an IP connectivity problem.


Are you able to get Internet connectivity by turning off Cellular Data, disconnecting from Wi-Fi, and then reconnecting to Wi-Fi?


The only other thing that I can suggest is turning on Airplane Mode to turn off all network connectivity, rebooting your phone, then reconnecting to Wi-Fi.

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