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Blocking certain ports.

I've been around

Hi everyone so I just need someone with some knowledge about port forwarding or firewall. All I need to do is block 5 specific ports for 10-15 mins at a time so I can game with my friends without any random ppl joining. Help will be very much appreciated


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Re: Blocking certain ports.


Hello, @Joedove.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Thank you for posting your request in the Community. 


While experienced gamers and advanced Internet users respond to your query, please answer the following:


Are you trying to do port forwarding on those specific five ports?
Are you using a gaming console or a computer to play a multiplayer game?


I'm not sure how blocking ports on your computer/modem can be helpful as you will be effectively blocking your connection. 



Re: Blocking certain ports.

Yeah, I dont think it would work.

If it requires those specific ports for someone to connect and play, as soon as you go and block them to stop others, then the others connected would get booted as well.

Re: Blocking certain ports.

I also need to block certain ports and IP addresses.  The only way I can figure out is to use Parental Control and block a specific machine from access the entire Internet rather than just specific IPs.

This is not for gaming.   Many security cameras that have cloud storage "phone home" whether you want them to or not because that's where the cloud storage is. I want to block my security cameras from sending video to their cloud (usually China who I don't trust)  but still allow me to  access from the Internet.

So is there any way to block specific outgoing ports and/or outgoing IP addresses?

Re: Blocking certain ports.

Hey @edwardparker!


I haven't set a port to be blocked personally on any of our modem's but I've done it on 3rd party routers for various reasons. This isn't something specifically supported by Rogers though so it's not something we've encountered often.

Hopefully others in the community will be able to provide some assistance in that regard.



Re: Blocking certain ports.

I have an issue which is driving me crazy. I'm hoping someone can help.
My network scanner tells me port 7547 is open and I can't pass vulnerability . Rogers which is my isp says its closed. In between rogers and my scanning company not solving it I'm being charged 40 bucks a month.

Re: Blocking certain ports.

I've been around

Shazim-- wondering if your issue with blocking port 7547 was ever resolved . I am having the same issue.... being told by PCI Compliance manager scan that the port is open and yet Rogers says it is closed. Any additional insight you have obtained would be appreciated.


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