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Adding Ethernet ports to rooms

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I have a work computer that requires a hardwired Ethernet connection to my router, which needs connection to the wall/Ethernet port in the wall to run. My new office space does not have an Ethernet port, only the master bedroom does and I don’t want to work in there. Is there a way Rogers can install new Ethernet ports in other rooms of my house or do you know how I would go about that? I can’t find any information online.



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Re: Adding Ethernet ports to rooms

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Hello elane95, rogers does Not install smart wiring such as ethernet wire or ethernet outlets in your home.

Your options are as follows:

A) install the ethernet run yourself
B) use a pair of powerline ethernet adaptors (it uses your homes hydro wires to make a hardwired ethernet connection
C) hire a telecom wiring inataller and have them do the run.
D) use a wifi extendeerwith a ethernet port on it. You can then plug your computer into the wifi extender device since it needs a rj45 connection.

Re: Adding Ethernet ports to rooms

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@elane95 the other option is to use a MoCA (ethernet / cable) adapter, which uses the cable system in your house to run a cable based ethernet system.  The MoCA adapters are more expensive (I think) compared to powerline adapters, but, they should result better reliability and higher data rates compared to powerline adapter performance.  The MoCA adapters can be used wherever you have a cable port on a wallplate. 


Here's some examples:


The Actiontec ECB6200 has been around for a while now.  The MoCA network throughput is rated at 1 Gb/s.  Thats for multiple MoCA adapters running as a network:


The Actiontec ECB6250 is a newer version of the ECB6200.  The MoCA network throughput is rated at 2.5 Gb/s.  That's for multiple MoCa adapters running as a network.


There is a new product on the market as well, the WF-803M produced by gocoax.  The MoCA network throughput is rated at 2.5 Gb/s.  That's for multiple MoCa adapters running as a network.



One other item you would need is a MoCA 2.0 rated splitter, which would replace your current Rogers splitter, assuming that you have one installed.  That depends on the service that you happen to be using, the traditional digital cable with Nextboxes for TV purposes (splitter probable), or the new Ignite TV service, which doesn't use any cable splitters.  Here's a reference for the MoCA 2.0 rated splitters:


These are available with various numbers of connecting ports, as seen in their spec sheet:


You would also need a MoCA filter, which is installed on the cable that arrives from the street.  This prevents any MoCA data from leaking out of the home, and protects your MoCA network from external MoCA networks, where one of your neighbours may be running a MoCA network without the necessary MoCA filter installed.  Here's a link to a Holland Electronics PDF doc:



One thing that you could do is to pull one of the wallplates off of a wall, which only has a cable port on it.  Look behind the wallplate just to see if there are any ethernet cables installed but not completed.  You would see the other end of those cables downstairs at, or in the structured wiring cabinet, where all of the house tv cabling, telephone cabling and possibly installed ethernet cabling, all converge at the cabinet.  If you discovered that there was existing ethernet cabling which has not been put to use, that would make your request a fairly simple task to complete. 


Beyond that, consider calling in an electrician to pull ethernet cabling to the desired location, or call in a company or individual who installs structured wiring in homes.  Depending on how difficult this might be, this would be an expensive labour cost route, but, ethernet will give you the best performance available.  At the end of the day, it comes down to a tech's cost or electrician's cost to pull ethernet cable, versus buying MoCA adapters, splitter and filter, or buying powerline adapters.  If you have cable ports available, then you have an immediate choice of using MoCA or powerline adapters.  I'd go MoCA adapters as a first choice.  Powerline adapters can work, but, the performance depends on what electrical circuits the rooms in your home are connected to.   


Hope this helps.





Re: Adding Ethernet ports to rooms

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MocA is definitely a solution but its defiantly also more on the complex/advanced skill side of things and can be more costly, some peoples house may have cheap wires with splitters berried in the wall like my uncle.

anyways its your choice to see the best way to fish a wire., but by all means i used powerline ethernet adaptors for a good 5 years and they work really really well.

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