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Ignite over Bell?

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I am dropping Rogers Internet because of unbelievably bad tech support over a 3-week period.  I have already installed Bell Internet, and I kept Rogers running while I switch all the WiFi appliances over.   Can I run Ignite over Bell WiFi?  Or do I have to switch my TV package to Bell as well?


Re: Ignite over Bell?

I've been here awhile
Omg! Rogers is the worst!! I’ve spent 3 weeks trying to get through with them! And I’ll I get is transferred and no solutions at all!! Can I switch to bell without paying for my contract? Rogers is simply the worst to deal with they do NOT care about their customers!!

Re: Ignite over Bell?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
I;m pretty sure your question is Ignite "TV" over Bell? Since Ignite itself is an internet service. As far as I Know, they ARE connected, you can not cancel ignite internet and keep ignite TV, they have to be both disconnected at the same time as far as I know. So to answer your question, the Ignite TV boxes ONLY will work on an Ignite Internet Connection. Its also the same with Bell, their TV service NEEDS their internet to work, you can not pair the boxes to a different connection than the provider who its from. this is unfortunately how it is right now maybe in the future the services will be unbundled, but right now the advantage is if the IGNITE TV is not working and its a problem from the ignite internet they can fix the ignite internet and your service will be restored, if its using a third party internet or a provider like bell, rogers cant fix bell internet issues so you will still be without tv until BELL fixes their internet, got it? makes sense?

Re: Ignite over Bell?

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Resident Expert

Here's the previous thread on the topic.  Here are my comments as well:


1. Although you can get Bell Fibe without Bell internet, the pricing is such that no one gets that.  This is called Zero-rated internet.

2. You cannot do this with Rogers though.

3. There should have been no need to switch as a properly set up IgniteTV bundle should give you everything you need.  Sorry that didn't appear to work for you.

Re: Ignite over Bell?

What’s a better modem to use with ignite the arris or the Technicolor.. arris modem runs on puma 7 just wondering if it still suffers from latency issues like the previous modems like the coda and the rocket modem
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