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AP mode for pairing

I'm here a lot

I need to pair a Bluetooth device, using the following methods.
Here's some info from the manufacturer:

If they have band steering, ie. only 1 SSID for both 2.4 and 5GHz bands, then you have to use AP mode on the device. If they have separate SSID, then you need to connect to the 2.4GHz band. Once its set up, it doesn't matter what band they connect to, its only for the initial set up.

As I don’t see 2.4GHz band as an option, how do I switch to AP mode for pairing?


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Re: AP mode for pairing

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Turfie  It sounds like you have a device that needs to be configured from an app on a mobile device via Wi-Fi, but the device is incompatible with band steering.  The way that I read this, the bluetooth device also has an "AP mode" that will allow the mobile device to connect directly.


If what I said makes sense, please share the specifics (make/model #) of the device that you are trying to set up and we may be able to assist your further.

Re: AP mode for pairing

I'm here a lot
Correct. I am using an app on an iPhone 8. It is an outdoor wifi smart socket. (Illumicare) product.

Re: AP mode for pairing

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Resident Expert

Re: AP mode for pairing

Correct. That is the device, and those are the instructions I have.

Re: AP mode for pairing

Ok, it looks like it pairs up using bluetooth with the phone.  Once its paired up, you then connect it to the wifi network.  


Have you tried to connect it to the wifi network?  If so, did that work?  


You might run into trouble here as the modem that you have is probably using band steering. 


What modem do you have, one of the older CGN3 modems, the white CODA-4582, or the newer XB6 or XB7 for the Ignite TV service?


The problem here is that Rogers has never publicly stated which of the three band steering modes are in use for any of the modems.


You might have to;


1.  disable bandsteering in the modem:

2.  rename the 5 Ghz band temporarily,:

3.  connect the Smart Socket:

4.  enable band steering in the modem again (at which point the 5 Ghz network should be renamed automatically back to the previous network name.)


In theory that should work.  Hopefully the modem will pick up on the fact that the Smart Socket is connected to the 2.4 Ghz network, can't operate on the 5 Ghz network and leave the Smart Socket alone, so that it continues to operate on the 2.4 Ghz network, as its designed to.  

Re: AP mode for pairing

It won’t pair with the app on my phone.
I’m not exactly sure which modem I have, but as I have ignite tv, I assume it’s either XB6/7.
Again, my assumption is that my wifi band is 5G or everything would work as it should.

Re: AP mode for pairing

Forgive my ignorance. How do I gain access to the modem settings to make those changes

Re: AP mode for pairing

Ok, looking at the instructions it shows that the Smart Socket has a wifi hot spot.  The instructions are clear as mud, so, either the wifi hot spot automatically fires up when you turn the socket on, or you have to turn the hot spot on by pressing the ON/OFF button for 6 seconds.  


With the hot spot running, you should then be able to connect to the Smart Socket with your phone.  


If you look at paragraph 3, Add Device it indicates to "Press and hold the reset button for 6 seconds.  The indicator will blink rapidly.  Click "Confirm indicator rapidly blink".   Configure network based on the prompt of the App"


I think that's badly worded.  It should say "Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 6 seconds.  The indicator will blink rapidly.  Click "Confirm indicator rapidly blinks" on the phone app".   Configure network based on the prompt of the App"


Try that.  You should be able to link the phone to the Smart Socket. 


To temporarily disable band steering in the modem, you will have to log into the modem, or use the wifi app or online app to disable band steering and rename the 5 Ghz network.  


However, once you're connected to the Smart Socket via the phone, try to follow the instructions to see if you can simply connect the Smart Socket to the 2.4 Ghz band.  It will either work as intended, or the modem's band steering will prevent that from happening.  


@-G- can help with the band steering issue if that comes up.  I'm running the CODA-4582, so, don't have hands on with that modem.  


Here's Rogers instructions to enable band steering.  You can follow that, in reverse, to disable band steering.


And when you're done, follow the same instruction to enable band steering.  


But first, I'd give that a go with band steering enabled, just to see if the modem will allow it, without any problems. 


Edit:  Food for thought.  With the Smart Socket Wifi Hot Spot up and running, you may have to go into the phones wifi settings to connect to the hot spot before you use the app to confirm that the Smart Socket Indicator is rapidly blinking.  I'm not sure if that confirmation button automatically connects the phone to the Hot Spot, or if you need the phone to be connected prior to that.  Clear as mud directions .......


When this is all said and done, you might have to check the phones wifi setting and switch it back to the modem's 5 Ghz network. 

Re: AP mode for pairing

I have tried all the above, still appears as though my modem is preventing that from happening

Re: AP mode for pairing

Are you able to connect to the Smart Socket to your phone, using the Smart Socket's Hot Spot?

Re: AP mode for pairing

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If it does not pair to the phone, that is bluetooth and the modem or network should not have any bearing on that.
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