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Sharing Ignite TV

I've Been Around

We are a family of 5 and I just got Ignite TV.  I have my account registered with MyRogers and can use the Ignite TV app easily.  My question is how do others in my family login to the Ignite TV app on their devices?  Surely I do not have to share my MYRogers ID and password with all 5 family members.  There must be a NetFlix type option where each person has their own ID/PWD and preference settings right?



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Re: Sharing Ignite TV

I Plan to Stick Around
Ignite does not currently have an option for user profiles.

All users must login with the registered email and password.

Re: Sharing Ignite TV

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Years ago there were separate logins and passwords for the account and for any other services.  Rogers, in its wisdom decided to use the same login and password for everything, despite the issues that you point out.  Very unfortunate indeed.

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